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or bronze VALOYAN
Newfoundland dog breeding  

breding kennel located in France, in Saône & Loire, in Montceau les Mines, registered in the Canine Central Company, is a member of the French Club  Newfoundland and Landseer of Dogs .
property of Valoyan wants to specialize in the breeding of brown or bronze  Newfoundland dogs .
Newfoundland puppies will be available 10 weeks
after they are weared.
Our Newfoundland dogs enjoy a play
yarea of 3500 and  individual kennels.
Brown Newfoundland puppies to be born will be
registered at LOF (French Studbook), vaccinated and tattooed with transponder.


All our
dogs have guarantees for the following examinations:

- X-ray screening
to detect hip  and elbow dysplasia .
- Genetic testing for screening for cystinuria (orphan genetic kidney)
- Echo Doppler for the heart.
- DNA testing.
For more details, see the pages devoted to our dogs (health).


Do not hesitate to contact us to reserve our puppies, visit the
breding kennel, or if you need moie information détaillées. For each reservation, the future buyer will have to pay a deposit of 300 euros.

Acquisitions puppies

ies car be acquired at Valoyan or can be delivered. Payment facilities will be negotiated with the owner. According to the law, a breeding  record containing information and advice to raise the puppy will be delivered to the purchaser.


The breeder agrees to remain at the buyer
's disposal to answer any queries after to the purchase. Monitoring may be carried out throughout the puppy's growth both physically and physiologically.



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